Eleven Weddings Photography is run by Chip Litherland (actually, why do we all talk in the third person when you know it’s just me sitting in my studio writing this?  Sorry, I digress). I’m a photographer based in Denver, Colorado, and spend most of my time chasing light and color. It’s an addiction really.

What once was a side business I did mostly for friends of sisters and cousins whose friend has a buddy who needs a photographer turned into a full calendar of long flights, great parties and 2am fun making photos. I shoot for some amazing brides and grooms, who really can appreciate how I see and what I do. Being a photojournalist first and foremost has given me a genuine desire to meet people (yes, even your wacky aunt). I enjoy the day alongside you. I will spare you my dancing. I do, however, crack a smile every time that I find myself standing with the bride as she sits alone waiting to make her grand entrance. It gives me such a tremendous feeling to know that this young woman has trusted me with this moment, and that I’m the guy who she spends most of her wedding day with ironically. I’ve seen some amazing moments touching on every emotion in the book.

What I do is cover your day as is. Unscripted. I approach weddings the same way I do for publications I work for (if you want to see the other work please click here), and that is with a sense of responsibility, wide wandering eyes, and the passion to make images that go beyond what the cookie-cutter wedding photography out there clogging up search engines and bridal magazine pages.

Shooting your wedding is not a job for your buddy, Steve, who says he has a really nice camera and says he’ll do it for free. Trust me on that one. I’ve seen the result of that decision and it was not good. Let me know how I can help. Leave Steve out of it.

For more information on availability, pricing, etc., please contact me at chip@elevenweddings.com, @chiplitherland, or on Facebook. I book worldwide, and can build custom packages to fit whatever island, mountain top, or roller coaster you’re getting hitched on.

NOTE: I only book eleven weddings a year. That's it. If you want to be one of them next year get to me fast, because once I hit that number, I close the calendar and that happens fast.

Let's rock this.